Arrival: All customers are obliged to provide an official document (not a photocopy) which adequately proves their identity and sign the arrival register. If asked by an employee, customers must identify themselves as a registered guest.

Visits: People not staying at the campsite but who intend to visit family or friends must leave their vehicle parked outside of the campsite and inform reception of their presence. Visits incur a cost that must be paid at the time of registering with reception.

Installation: Tents, caravans or any other element will have to be set up in accordance with the rules set by the Management. Changing the pitch assigned by campsite management at the time of arrival is totally prohibited without previously informing the reception. You will not be permitted to take up more space than the defined area of your pitch or invade the space of adjacent pitches.

Departure time: On the day of departure, the pitches must be vacated by 12 midday and for Mobile homes or Lodges, departure is 10am. If you wish to depart later, you must pay for a full extra day. If you wish to extend your stay, you must inform reception in advance with sufficient notice. In this case, you may need to change pitch.

Payment of the stay: Invoices for the stay must be paid at reception on the day you check in. Payment can be made via credit card and/or cash. We do not accept bank cheques or travellers’ cheques. In the event of any type of damage being caused to the campsite facilities due to the improper use of them by the customer, the customer must pay the amount for the repair or replacement upon departure.

Vehicles: To prevent the entry of external vehicles and control the security of the accommodation, all vehicles will have to place the control sticker in a visible place, on the front windscreen. Vehicles must park inside the space belonging to their plot. Vehicle speeds must never exceed 10km/h. Vehicles are prohibited from driving around, entering or leaving the campsite between 12.00 and 8.00. During this period, the car entrance to the campsite will remain closed. The use of motorised and/or electric scooters by children under the age of 16 years and the use of mini motorbikes in all cases are prohibited. Entry to the campsite is prohibited by any motor vehicle or hire vehicle which is not declared on the arrival form.

Quiet hours: Between the hours of 22.00 ad 8.00, it is compulsory to remain as quiet as possible. The hours of rest between 14.00 and 16.00 must also be respected. So that other guests are not disturbed, devices such as televisions or radios will need to be used at a low volume. Air conditioning systems that are not properly soundproof will also need to be switched off during the quiet hours.

Water fountains: The campsite’s water fountains supply drinking water and are solely for the exclusive use of collecting water. For hygiene reasons, fountains cannot be used for any type of personal hygiene, or to wash clothing or dishes. For this type of service, there is an area equipped with sinks in the area behind the toilet blocks. Furthermore, water fountains must not be used to empty any type of substance (WC chemicals, food waste, etc.). For all of these items, bins are provided in the areas specifically designated for this purpose.

Waste water:The toilets have special chutes for chemical toilets. Emptying their content in any other place is strictly prohibited.

Barbecues: The use of barbecues is authorised within the pitch itself, provided it is electric or gas. Wood or charcoal barbecues are never permitted for use. Making a fire directly on the ground is strictly prohibited. On days where there is a strong wind, starting any type of barbecue is strictly prohibited. Additionally, reception reserves the right to prohibit the use of barbecues whenever it deems this to be appropriate for safety reasons.

Electricity supply: Connecting unsuitable plugs into electrical boxes is strictly prohibited.  The Management of the campsite reserves the right to prohibit the supply of electricity to customers that do not have an electrical installation in perfect condition. Each pitch has a single electricity connection. For safety reasons, the electrical boxes must always remain closed and only authorised staff may handle them. Electric cables must be earthed and must be properly insulated.

Rubbish: Rubbish must be placed in the bins, properly tied up in plastic bags. Rubbish should never be thrown directly into the bins or on the floor of the pitch. In the toilet block area, there are containers for the selective separating of rubbish.

Insurance:Management does not accept any liability in the event of theft, accident or harm to people and material objects caused by third parties from outside of the establishment, or for damage caused by storms, hailstorms, fires or other causes of force majeure. Furthermore, management shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused to vehicles from crashing into kerbs, trees, branches or any other element within the campsite. The reception has “safety deposit boxes” for customers to hire.

Dogs: Dogs are not permitted in the Mobile homes or in the Lodges. In the case of camping pitches, dogs are permitted to stay provided they have the relevant documentation, they don’t cause any disturbance to neighbouring guests and they do not belong to a breed which is considered dangerous by current Spanish legislation. Within the campsite, owners must always keep their dogs on a lead, both in communal spaces and the camping pitches. You must respect the cleanliness and hygiene of the campsite. To do so, you will need to take animals outside of the campsite so they can go to the toilet, and you must pick up any excrement properly.

Swimming pool: The swimming pool is open each day from 9.00 until 20.00. Children under the age of 12 years cannot use the swimming pool unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult. The swimming pool does not have a lifeguard. Reception must be informed of any incident or abnormality that may occur. The use of glass cups is strictly prohibited, inflatable lilos and swimming while wearing a t-shirt are also not permitted. Animals of any type are prohibited from the entire pool and solarium area, in addition to bikes and playing with balls in the solarium. For hygiene reasons, you need to shower before entering the pool. The campsite’s management reserves the right to admission and expulsion in the event of failing to comply with the rules.

Leaving caravans unoccupied:

Tents or caravans should not be left unoccupied on the campsite for more than 24 hours without informing the reception, who will accept the absence under the condition that the customer is asked or obliged to leave the premises with all of their belongings.

Order at the campsite will be respected and maintained at all times, in addition to compliance with this rule. Staying on the campsite entails express agreement and acceptance of these conditions.

The campsite’s Management reserve the right to make any changes to this Rule.